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Are you looking for the right investment property?

I help property investors make the best decision using over 30 years of experience and data.

I help property investors make the best decision using over 30 years of experience and data.

Bruno Cardillo
Investment Property Advisor

Are you looking for a great investment property?

We've helped over 100 other Aussie investors find theirs.


Get Exclusive Data-Based Property Insights

We study Australia wide data to discover unique property investments that most people don't find.

Invest in Properties That Actually Make Money

We use detailed analysis to find the best property style focussed on positive cash flow. Nearly 98% of properties we recommend make money from the start.

Achieve Financial Independence

We help you achieve financial independence by developing a strategic property plan designed to build your wealth.

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Get access to exclusive cash flow-positive properties across Australia

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30 Years of industry experience to help you succeed

Bruno Cardillo is the principal and owner of Smart Choice Property. He has been in the Australian property and financial services industry for over 30 years. His background has given him a clear understanding of how property can grow your wealth.

Prospective buyers, especially first-timers benefit from Bruno's vast experience. If you're worried about overextending your finances and buying the wrong property, Bruno can help you. His aim is to help you become financially free through sound property choices.

Bruno prides his success on communicating with clients in a humble, supportive and helpful manner that focuses on educating and helping them choose wisely. Bruno comes from a place of wanting to be the trusted property investment advisor you can rely on because he wants to see you succeed financially and love what he does!

Grow your portfolio faster with a brand new property

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At Smart Choice Property we only recommend brand new properties because our experience shows that growth and income are consistently better.

Lower maintenance costs

Lower vacancy rates

Better income through depreciation

Higher rental income

How Smart Choice Property Can Help You

Backed by 30 years of experience, we have extensive knowledge of the real estate industry in Australia. We put this to use and help serious buyers build an outstanding portfolio of investment properties.


Detailed research and analysis

We study valuations, data and multiple purchasing avenues not just in Sydney but throughout Australia, giving you the tools you need to carefully choose the right investment property that fits your specific needs.

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No upfront fees for our service

We want you to succeed and take you through your journey from start to finish. Our services are available at no cost to you. If you decide to go ahead with a purchase, we earn a commission from the seller.

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Brand-new, appreciating properties

We always aim for neutral or positively geared brand new properties with a strong rental yield to help with cash flow and put more money back into your pocket after tax deductions and expenses.

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Tailored advice for your situation

Our advice is customised to your specific circumstance. We'll present you with a range of property options that fit into your strategy and budget profile and will help you avoid common property investor mistakes.


Data-based property Advice

Every property we recommend is based on data-driven insights, but we also look at the practical aspects of property investment and will only recommend homes we would invest in or live in ourselves.

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Honest and upfront information

We work with new and repeat buyers who want to invest in property but may not have the time and experience to figure it out. We'll help you make a sound decision through honest and upfront information, always.

How do we find you a great investment property?

We follow a rigorous research process to determine the strength of any property investment and always act in your best interest, educating and helping you with everything from pricing to timing to help you make a sound purchase decision.

  • Oct 19, 2021

    Client Situation and Budget

    We look at your specific situation and borrowing capacity first. We then look for properties at price points that reflect previous sales, location and value. We will always look out for your best interests and will only promote properties that we believe in ourselves.

  • Oct 19, 2021

    Market Research

    We have access to decades of property market data, and exclusive tools and reports that most investors can't get. This gives us the upper hand in finding you the best possible location to invest in. Through comprehensive research, we uncover unique opportunities and develop a property investment strategy that fits your goals.

  • Oct 19, 2021

    Suburb Assessment

    Once we've narrowed down the ideal regions that meet your financial goals and capacity, we identify the best suburbs to buy into based on a range of factors like vacancy rates, infrastructure and future development. 

  • Oct 19, 2021

    Builder and Property Review

    Once we've narrowed down the right location for you to invest in, we trawl through hundreds of properties and builders to find you the perfect builder and design for your brand new investment property. We thoroughly check builders for past history, quality of work and references to make sure you have a smooth experience. 

  • Oct 19, 2021

    Property Investment Recommendation Report

    After analysing the current market conditions, your personal and financial circumstances, we'll provide a list of properties to invest in for you to consider. Each property is carefully assessed to make sure it fits into your financial goals for the future. 

Are you sick of searching for the right investment property?
We make it easy and ensure you make the right decision the first time.

Our 7-Step Process to Grow Your Wealth Through Property Investment

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At Smart Choice Property, we will accommodate all your needs to ensure the whole experience is smooth. We follow a 7-step process to help you grow your wealth by investing in property.



Understand your financial goals and borrowing capacity so that we can recommend the best properties to suit your situation.



Our exclusive market data and experience allows us to narrow down the best location for growth and income that suits your investment goals. 



To ensure that you get the best long term value, we find a selection of sites and builders for you to choose from to build your brand new investment property. 



We assist you through the property purchase and settlement process and refer you to conveyancers and Australia's leading lender to help your transaction go smoothly.  



While your new investment property is being built we'll provide ongoing support and advice to ensure the process goes smoothly and ensure your builder delivers the best possible result. 



Once your property construction is complete, it's time to rent it out. Thanks to our careful market research, our investment properties quickly find tenants, so you'll get to enjoy the positive cashflow from your investment. 



Once your investment property is rented out and growing your income, we're confident you'll want to move onto your next one. This is the main reason why we're committed to delivering amazing, reliable results, every time. 

Why Use an Investment Property Expert?

Whether you're looking for rental income or capital growth, choosing the right property can be difficult without expert advice.

A knowledgeable property investment advisor can make all the difference for time-poor, inexperienced investors. Smart Choice Property has access to unique data and insights across Australia, making it easy for you to make an educated decision.

Our ruthless selection process means we only look for properties with strong rental income potential. We go beyond just property selection and support you from start to finish.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We typically prefer to stay away from areas with high vacancy rates and an oversupply of investors such as high-rise apartments.

We encourage our clients to consider neutral or positively geared properties that can help with cash flow from day one. Properties with negative gearing often mean higher out-of-pocket expenses.

We do not charge our clients for our services but receive a commission from the builder if you decide to go ahead with the sale. However, there is no obligation if you choose not to go ahead.

It can definitely be tricky finding the right investment when the market is booming. We have access to data and insights that are not easily available elsewhere and can help you make the right choice for your circumstances.

Your borrowing power will depend on a number of factors including your existing income, debts and expenses. We can help you put this all into perspective and even connect you to different lenders for a home loan where needed.

It all depends on what you want to achieve as a property investor. We usually look at up and coming regions about to go through a growth cycle to help you get the best return.