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Experienced Property Investment Advisor

Bruno Cardillo is an experienced property investment advisors with over three decades of experience under his belt in property and financial services.

He is committed to using his extensive experience to help property investors grow their income and become as financially free as possible without overextending their finances or taking any undue risks.

His analytical approach involves researching property data and reputable builders in high-growth-potential areas with low vacancy rates, giving his clients the tools they need to make money right from the start.

If you are looking for a passionate property advisor who is committed to helping you make a sound investment, contact Bruno at Smart Choice Property today.

How We Can Help You?

At Smart Choice Property, we are passionate about connecting our clients to exceptional property investment opportunities in Australia.

We use well-researched property insights to help first-time and seasoned property investors make the right decisions.

We are humble and helpful, taking a supportive advisory approach, which is a rarity in the real estate industry.

We analyse the property market not just in Sydney, but across Australia, so we can present our clients with the most lucrative opportunities.

We aim to help our clients make money from day one by focussing on positively geared, brand new properties in up and coming areas.