We focus on brand new properties in upcoming growth areas so that you get the best possible results for your investment.

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House and Land

House and land packages can be an excellent way to build wealth over the long term, especially in locations with strong growth potential. You can easily claim more depreciation and tax benefits than you would with an established home while saving on hefty maintenance costs. New homes also have the advantage of attracting better quality tenants seeking modern conveniences.

Typical Yield: 4.5-5%

Typical Cost: $499k-$820k

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Townhouses are in demand among young families looking for larger living spaces in quality suburbs where the median house rental prices may be well above their affordability. They also provide a low maintenance lifestyle but provide more room than an apartment, which is why they are growing in popularity with renters and make a good investment choice.

Typical Yield: 4.5%-5.4%

Typical Cost: $420k-$590k

Co-Living Homes

Co-Living Homes

Co-living is a trendy new shared housing opportunity for like-minded people who want to benefit from a combination of larger living spaces and cost savings. These types of rental homes are popular with millennials, young professionals, entrepreneurs, students and travellers. They are typically 4 beds, 3 ensuites, a kitchen with a walk-in pantry and 3 lockable cupboards.

Typical Yield: 7-9%

Typical Cost: $500-$700k

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NDIS Properties

An NDIS investment property can be an excellent opportunity for an astute investor looking for good returns. A crucial part of the NDIS is its Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) where properties are designed to meet special needs like functional impairment. Investors looking at NDIS properties are not only able to gain returns, but also assist those in need through this type of housing.

Typical Yield: 8.9%-13.6%

Typical Cost: $720k-$895k

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Apartment buildings are a popular investment strategy for people who want to build wealth and gain financial independence. They are typically more affordable with lower maintenance than townhouses, providing the opportunity to benefit from positive cash flow from the start of your investment.

Typical Yield: 4.5%-5.4%

Typical Cost: $420k-$590k


Dual Key Homes

Dual key homes are typically one property divided and designed into two separate living units. This type of investment strategy provides the opportunity to live in one unit and rent out the other. Alternatively, you also have the potential to earn two rental incomes while managing just one property, offering you better cash flow and a reliable income stream in the long term.

Typical Yield: 6.3%-7%

Typical Cost: $470k-$820k

At Smart Choice Property, we study Australia-wide data to identify the best properties in upcoming growth areas to help you maximise your return on investment. Contact us for a no-obligation chat today.

Cities We Help Property Investors Buy Into

As an experienced investment property advisor, Smart Choice Property provides investment advice for brand new properties across Australia. We research and analyse data comprehensively to determine the best locations while looking out for neutral or positively geared properties that will help with cash flow.

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Over the last few years, Brisbane has grown into an ideal investment opportunity for property investors. Many upcoming developments are in the pipeline to enhance the city's infrastructure and economy, along with exciting events like the 2032 Olympics that have the potential to make Brisbane a prime investment opportunity.


With Sydney's property prices constancy on the rise, it can be daunting for first-time investors trying to get into the local real estate market. However, despite the raging growth seen in the last few years, there are still pockets of fringing suburbs with potential for strong rental yield and returns.


Adelaide has plenty to offer property investors with its rating as one of the most liveable cities in the world. It also has many suburbs that are up and coming with plans for future development, making it the ideal choice for those looking to get an early advantage.


Melbourne is one of Australia's most popular cities for migrants, tourists and locals alike, reflected in its high median house and unit prices. There are many suburban pockets of growth with strong rental potential that are sure to make viable investments, so long as investors know where to look.

Without well-considered advice unique to your situation, property investment can be tricky. Smart Choice Property looks at the data in all these cities and surrounding areas to help our clients make the best possible decision. Take a look at our testimonials and case studies for more information.

Our Property Investment Strategy

Smart Choice Property has a clear focus on brand new properties to help you maximise tax and depreciation benefits while minimising maintenance costs. We use in-depth data Australia-wide to find the most up and coming growth areas with low vacancy rates and strong rental potential, as well as focusing on neutral or positively geared properties to help with cash flow.

Once we identify the best locations, we also research reliable builders who supply properties in those areas, so you're assured of working with trusted building professionals with a good reputation in the industry. We only ever recommend properties we could invest or live in ourselves and customise all our advice to your specific needs, budget and situation.

If you're trying to understand what's happening with the property market before making your next move, talk to us today.

3 Steps To Help You Choose the Right Property

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Choosing the right property is the cornerstone of any sound investment strategy. Whether you're investing in your first property or diversifying your portfolio, we follow a unique investment approach that emphasises positive cash flow from Day 1.

Co-Living Homes

Assess Your Financial Goals

Your financial goals will influence your choice of property. Are you trying to maximise your asset base? Are you wanting to minimise risk and become financially independent? Are you looking for additional cash flow? We'll assess your current financial situation so we can get the best property for your needs.


Search the Best Growing, Low Vacancy Suburbs

We look at in-depth data Australia-wide to find the best up and coming locations with low vacancy rates. We also look at the factors influencing property prices in the market so we can identify the right location and type of property to suit your personal and financial goals.


Provide Data-Based Property Recommendations

In order to make your investment work for you, we will customise all our advice and provide you with data-based property recommendations based on your specific situation. Smart Choice Property provides complete property analysis based on market conditions to help you make the best decision.